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The Baztab Rah Glass beads company was established in 2008 with the aim of producing all types of glass beads, micronized glass powder, glass sand and glass aggregate with a higher quality than the same foreign products and in accordance with the latest standards of the world and succeeded in launching its first plant in early 2011 and obtaining a license from the Iranian ministry of industry, mines and trade for the number of 108113987.

Our main products are reflective glass beads for road marking, industrial glass beads  for shot blasting and abrasives, glass beads as a filler,  and color glass beads for decoration. Reflective glass beads for road marking is one of the most popular products. We have the first and largest Iranian glass beads factory in the middle east.The factory with a capacity of 10000 tons per year has the largest and most modern production unit of glass beads in the Middle East, which was constructed in IRAN- Fars province-Sarvestan city-Industrial Town No. 1 on km 70 of Shiraz-Bandar Abbas port transit highway. Due to the availability of other parts of the country as well as Bandar Abbas port, the factory has a very good position to export to other countries.

The Baztab Rah Glass beads company has a laboratory equipped with modern devices for conducting glass beads quality tests and provides continuous inspections at the various points of production line by its experienced experts. Therefore, we are able to guarantee the quality of our products at a level above the national and international standards. The company is also active in the export and import of glass beads and the construction, installation and operation of glass beads production machines and is able to operate in any part of the world in order to construct and operate a glass beads production plant.

One of the main uses of glass beads is to use in combination of road marking to increase night vision power.  Reflective glass beads can improve the retro-reflection property of the road marking line. To ensure the safety of the roads, road marking should be visible even at night. In the hours when the air is clear, the road marking is visible due to the contrast of the marking color (white or yellow) with road darkness, but at night the factor that causes the marking to be seen is the presence of glass beads and without these beads at night, it’s almost invisible.

These micro-spherical particles act as small mirrors, and when driving in the night, reflect the light shone from the car front lights to the driver’s eyes, making it easy and safe to see the road marking. these micro spherical beads are used in all types of traffic paints such as cold traffic paint and in thermoplastic traffic paint as drop on glass beads and as premix glass beads ( intermix glass beads ) .

In addition to helping the driver’s vision during the day and night in different weather conditions, these products help to withstand the wear, durability and longevity of various types of traffic paints.Also Glass beads have various uses in the industry, interior decoration and facade of buildings, accessories for make-up and cosmetics, etc… , which have been addressed in the products menu.

One of the main raw materials glass beads is recycled glass ( waste glass ). Our job is basically glass recycling.  We recycle glass from waste glass. We also produce other by-products such as glass powder, glass aggregate and glass sand. Glass powder is also obtained from waste glass. glass aggregate and glass sand are basically waste glass in concrete. The above products have many applications in different industries that are mentioned in the product menu.