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Glass Beads Company BaztabRah

Glass Beads Co., Ltd. is a reputable company with the goal of producing various kinds of glass beads (glass beads), glass micronized powder and glass (glass sand) in the interior of the country with a superior quality of the same foreign products and in accordance with the standards of the day in the world in 1999 It succeeded in launching its first plant in early 2011 and obtaining a license from the Ministry of Industry, Mining and Trade for 108113987.

  • Glass beads for road marking

    We can produce all types of glass beads at 100-1200 µ in diameter for road marking. Glass spherical particles are called glass beads. We manufacture our products in 3 types; 1-drop on glass beads for dropping on the cold plastic road marking. the glass beads are applied to the surface of the newly applied road marking before they have set. 2- drop on glass beads for dropping on the thermoplastic road marking. Thermoplastic road marking paint is a 100% solid material applied at high temperature. 3- premix glass beads or intermix glass beads for adding to the thermoplastic road marking. Thermoplastic paints are applied in a relatively thick layer in which glass beads are added (pre-mixed or Intermix beads). The Premix beads produce a constant reflectivity throughout the lifecycle of the marking material. As the road marking material wears over time new beads are exposed maintaining the retro-reflection characteristics of the road marking material.

    we produce our products according to the iranian national standards ISIR8040, ISIR10547, ISIR10548 (Iranian glass beads ) and also the international standards EN1423, EN1424, AASHTOM247, BS6088, AS/NZS2009, JIS-PR3301. we are the first and largest glass beads producer in Iran and the middle east. Contact us to find out the price of glass beads and glass beads sales conditions.

  • glass beads for industrial, constructional and decorative uses

    We produce all kinds of glass beads for industrial use, glass beads for building facade, glass beads for pool and all types of decorative glass beads. Some of the uses are as follows :

    1- Cleaning operations of metal surfaces, molding, milling, dentistry and etc., as sandblasting agents. ( glass beads for sandblasting )
    2-  As filler in the rubber and plastics industry.
    3-  In the oil and gas wells drilling industry as a lubricant for the removal of drilling mud.
    4-  glass beads for building facade and decorative glass beads for Interior decoration industries and the exterior of buildings, swimming pools, and etc., which will have a very beautiful effect underneath the light.
    5-  glass beads powder in Cosmetic industry, flower and doll decorations and clothes. also, fill the doll body.


  • (Micronized glass powder (1 to 100 microns and 100 to 212 microns

    what is glass powder? Glass powder is produced from recycled glass ( waste glass ) by grinding recycled glass and granulating it. Glass powder (micronized glass powder) has many applications in various industries, including in glazing, in artificial stone, in composites, in abrasives, in concrete, etc... . We produce all types of glass powder in two sizes from 1 to 100 microns and 100 to 212 microns. contact us to find out glass powder price and how to sell glass powder. The following is a brief description of the applications of glass powder :

    1- glass powder in the ceramic and tile industries as the primary material, as well as glass powder in glaze .
    2- glass powder as filler in composites .
    3- glass powder in cutting with water jet .
    4- glass powder in artificial stone .
    5- glass powder in concrete. Improvement of the strength and physical and chemical properties of concrete :
    If the appropriate percentage (recommended by us) of glass powder under 100 and 212 microns (micronized glass powder) is added to the mixture of concrete or mortar, the characteristics of the concrete or mortar will be corrected as follows: ( Please read more in the description section )


  • glass aggregate and glass sand from recycled glass

    Mixed colour waste recycled glass is waste material that cannot be reused in glass industry. Concrete can be considered as an outlet for the surplus quantities of the mixed colour waste recycled glass. The company is able to produce all types of glass sand and glass aggregate from recycled glass for special purposes. Glass sand is used in the industries of anti-slip concrete surface, water purification filter, glass concrete, sandblasting, artificial stone, recycled glass in concrete and anti-slip mosaic and etc ... . The application of glass sand is not limited to the above and has many other uses.



Construction of Glass Bead Factory

We are able to work in every part of the world to build and launch a glass beads production plant with the latest technology and best quality. The company produces glass beads production factory including all the devices, such as ; glass mill ( glass grinding ), vibrating screens, dust collector, Material handling systems, glass beads production furnace ( glass beads furnace ), coating machine, granulation machine, packing machine and ... with the best quality. These devices have the lowest energy consumption (natural gas, electricity and water), and also have the largest production volume. With over 20 years of experience in the production of glass beads and grinding glass, the company's engineers design the high quality equipments, with the least maintenance and maintenance cost. We guarantee the highest quality for our products.